Disclaimer & Confidentiality

This is the full Disclaimer and Confidentiality statement for Psswrd Ltd presentations and proposals.

The following proprietary presentation (the “Presentation”) is given for general informational purposes only and shall be kept strictly confidential. Until a Definitive Agreement is executed and delivered, there shall be no legal obligations owed by either party of any kind whatsoever (other than those relating to confidentiality) with respect to any of the material contained in the Presentation.

The term “Definitive Agreement” shall mean a legally binding agreement setting forth the terms and conditions and other provisions relating to any transaction. All of the information contained in the Presentation is subject to further modification and any and all forecasts, projections or forward-looking statements contained herein shall not be relied upon as facts nor relied upon as any representation of future results which may materially vary from such projections and forecasts.

You should obtain your own independent advice and solutions proposed or outlined in this Presentation.

You agree that you are not relying and will not rely on any communication (written or oral) of Psswrd Ltd. (“Psswrd”) as investment advice or as a recommendation to enter into any transaction, and that you are capable of assessing the merits of and understanding (on your own behalf or through independent professional advice), and should you enter into a Definitive Agreement with Psswrd, you will do so because you understand and accept, the terms and conditions and risks (including but not limited to economic, competitive, operational, accounting and tax risks) of such transaction. Psswrd does not in any way warrant, represent or guarantee the accounting or tax results of the transaction described in the Presentation nor does it hold itself out as a legal, tax or accounting advisor to any party.

Nothing contained herein is in any way intended by Psswrd to be a contract, offer of sale or a binding agreement.

The reference throughout this Presentation to Psswrd may be a generic reference to Psswrd and its affiliates. Accordingly, the legal entity which may enter into any transaction or provide any service described in the Presentation may, at the option of Psswrd and subject to any legal/regulatory requirement, be any Psswrd affiliate.

Any non-public information provided to Psswrd will be maintained in accordance with Psswrd’s internal policies and will be shared with other Psswrd affiliates to the extent deemed necessary by Psswrd to consummate the transaction or provide the product or service described in the Presentation unless Psswrd otherwise agrees in writing.